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A hockey fan answers olympic questions from a non hockey fan

On the eve of the first Men’s Olympic Hockey game, avid hockey fan, Andy Verderosa, answers questions from Aaron Weiss, someone who doesn’t really know hockey all that well but wants to engage in a once-every-four-years patriotic event. Aaron: Are there any teams to care about besides the US, Canada and Russia? Andy: Oh, you betcha. Sweden took home […]

Everyone needs to back all the way off of Bob Costas’ eyes

The worst part about having pink eye is not the discharge, the pain, the irritation, the having to put in eye drops, nor the word “gunk.” No, the worst part is going out into the world and watching as people recoil away from you like you’re some kind disease carrying vermin who is about to […]

Trying to remember that you don’t care about the grammys

The Grammys were last night and, let me tell you, a lot of stuff happened. Fashion happened, spectacle happened, music happened a lot. Other not-so-expected stuff also happened, like gay marriages, but for the most part the Grammys played just like how you’d expect an award show which gives out subjective awards to a select […]

NFL Playoffs, Golden Globes, Downton, Girls: I watched 11 straight hours of TV yesterday

Yo, yesterday was a crazy day of TV. At 10:56pm the Golden Globes gave out its final award, Best Picture, to 12 Years a Slave, a great movie that I haven’t seen yet because my family didn’t want to watch something so heavy during the holidays. Like the movie itself, I  didn’t see this award. […]

Heartbreak Her

The tagline on the IMDB page for Spike Jonze’s beautiful new movie, Her, will probably read something about a man falling in love with his operating system. That’s correct, for all intents and purposes, but Her is more a story about heartbreak than it is a cultural exploration of the effects of the digital age […]

Blink-182 Should Headline Coachella

I’ve been meaning to make this argument for some time now, and just as I was beginning to formulate what I wanted to say, the news broke that Outkast will be reuniting at Coachella. This is a true gift from the writing gods because I really had no basis for arguing that Blink-182 should headline […]

Daylight savings, sad dudes and winter music

I try to be one with nature. I don’t mean that in a literal sense. If things go correctly, I will never go camping again. I mean that my music taste is influenced by the seasons. Daylight savings time has ended and winter is upon us. It’ll be dark by the time I leave work […]