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Jesse Pinkman, Style Icon

Jesse Pinkman is somewhat of a style non-icon. Like the character himself, Jesse’s clothes have changed significantly over the past 5.5 seasons. Let’s go back and look at what the self-proclaimed king of the ABQ was wearing out on these streets. Season 1   When we first meet Jesse, we’re supposed to understand him as […]

8 Knee-Jerk Reactions to the Breaking Bad Finale

Breaking Bad is over. It’s over. OVER. Before these final episodes started I wrote about being on the brink of a post-BB world, and now here we are. Let’s get through this together. Some thoughts: 1) It was great, but not “Ozymandias” great. The finale was tightly-wound, well written, and beautifully shot—just like every episode preceding it. […]

Themes to Watch for in Don Jon

Hipster heartthrob turned A-list celeb Joseph Gordon-Levitt recently finished writing, directing and starring in Don Jon. I was lucky enough to be invited as a fellow Thelma contributor’s guest to an early screening of the film (shoutout Victor’s Klout score) at which JGL appeared to give this quick introduction. I took in a pseudo coming-of-age […]

The 19 Most Drake Moments From the “Hold On We’re Going Home” Video

Drake is a rapper but he is also an actor. He is also an adjective. He released the video for “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and I picked out the most “Drake” moments. Watch the full video below. 1) I’m having a great time with my friends, but this is also serious business. Champagne glasses […]

Review: ‘Nothing was the same’ and for good reason

The story begins with distortion. A rewinding vocal sample sets a different tone than Drake’s usual piano intro, walking backwards through two year’s worth of laughable outfits and a relatively quiet music presence right up to the fading vocals of Take Care outro track, “The Ride”.  The stark sample leads into a coarse-grained instrumental, and […]

MUZK & the state of NMNG

I read a rare Q&A session with The Weeknd from Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” series a few days ago. As you can imagine, fans asked him an array of bizarre questions, but there was one that asked about the history of his stage name and it immediately caught my attention. He answered with a story […]

Disappointing Dexter

All week leading up to the Dexter series finale, I knew I was going to write an article titled “Disappointing Dexter.” This is because no matter what happened in the finale, I knew the show’s writers had already flubbed the show’s eighth and final season. There was no way to salvage it in one final […]