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Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It’s Instagram

The other day I was walking down the street, when I overheard two young girls who were walking in front of me, talking about boys. “So do you like Hudson, or Brannan more?” “Hudson, I think.” “Really?! I like Brannan so much more.” Their voices had the upturned lilt of teenage conversation, that affectation that […]

Somehow, the Man Vs. Robot Ping Pong Video Totally Sucks

Just over a month ago, KUKA Robotics released a cinematic trailer for an upcoming video project. The teaser for The Duel featured world-class Ping Ponger Timo Boll preparing for a match against a giant orange robotic arm capable of handling a paddle and ball with the same grace as the pros. The trailer promised not […]

Spritz will Change the World Forever

Spritz is a new technology that allows you to read faster. Up to four times as fast as you used to be able to. According to this Yahoo answer, the average human reads at about 250 WPM (words per minute). Spritz says most people read at 220 and that through their Rapid Serial Visualization Technology […]

Venmo and the Tech-Traditionalism Struggle

I was dubious about Venmo when my friends started using it several months ago, but because FOMO is a real thing, I ended up downloading it. If you don’t know, Venmo is an app that easily lets you send and receive payments amongst your friends. Because I’ve grown to appreciate Venmo for the small part […]

Forget Using Memory, You Have Reminder Apps

If you’re bad at remembering things, whether that’s birthdays, deadlines, names, and so on, you’re lucky to live in a time where that shortcoming doesn’t even matter. Every mobile device these days has an extra memory repository you can use to your advantage, and it comes in a very simple form: the reminder app. It’s […]

2013’s 3 Most Life Changing Apps

We’ve been using our phones to seamlessly network with digital information and content for what seems like ages. A big development this past year has been our tiny handheld computers helping us accomplish increasingly tangible tasks. Now the capability to instantly find a restaurant, a ride there, and even a date to bring rests permanently […]

2013: The Year of Netflix

In the past year, a lot has been made of the rise of Netflix due to its quality original content and potential to change the TV landscape. When the company released all 13 episodes of House of Cards at once in February, many viewers were unsure of what to do. 13 episodes of a brand […]