6 Songs We’d Love to Hear on Loop After Nelly’s “Hot in Herre”

Bay Area radio station 105.7 has been playing Nelly’s 2002 song “Hot in Herre” nonstop since 3 PM on Friday. And because we ask the important questions here at Thelma, we wanted to know which songs we wouldn’t mind listening to for hours on end.

1) Hot in Herre – Nelly

Why deviate from something that works? This song is simultaneously fun and funny. If you asked me last week if I thought this song was good or relevant, I would have laughed. Even though I did tune in to listen to “Hot in Herre” over the weekend, I’m still down to hear it 88 more times; the extraneous “r” in “Hot in Herre” is charming and I can’t get enough of Nelly.

2) Wonderwall – Oasis

I’m not kidding. “Wonderwall” is an arguably great song with a negative connotation because of an unfunny joke on Tumblr. The joke is that college boys with acoustic guitars constantly play this song at parties because it’s four chords and it’s incredibly easy to learn. But that scenario has never happened to me. This song gets such a bad rap for no reason — the song is simple, it sounds good, and I like it. I’d love to hear Liam Gallagher sing, “And maybe… you’re gonna be the one that saves me” all weekend.

3) Best I Ever Had – Drake

I listened to “Hold On, We’re Going Home” several times last fall, but “Best I Ever Had” will always have a soft spot in my heart. It’s sweet, genuine, and cheesy — quintessentially Drake.

4) Someone Like You – Adele

While Adele’s voice can be grating at times, “Someone Like You” struck a chord for a lot of people because of Adele’s complete honesty. She captures the raw sadness of heartbreak in a really beautiful way. A mass of single, brokenhearted people are already listening to this song on loop, so why not play it on the radio so they can collectively listen with the thousands of other people whose boyfriends broke up with them?

5) Literally any Bon Iver song

I went to a Bon Iver concert a few years ago and let me tell you: almost every song sounded the same and they flowed into each other so well that I couldn’t tell where a song ended and where another began. I don’t know if anyone would listen to this station, though…

6) Happy – Pharrell

Okay, so every radio station is already playing this song every hour, but I don’t care. This song makes me, uh, happy. I don’t need a radio station re-branding to listen to this song over and over again.

Which songs would you want to listen to on loop?

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