Monthly Archives: November 2013

Solo With Solomon: Seeing 12 Years a Slave on Thanksgiving

[SPOILERS] Today is Thanksgiving, and I just got home from seeing 12 Years a Slave by myself. That seems like the wrong movie to see on your own on Thanksgiving or any other day—after all, it’s based on the true story of a free black man in pre-Civil War New York that gets kidnapped and […]

Blink-182 Should Headline Coachella

I’ve been meaning to make this argument for some time now, and just as I was beginning to formulate what I wanted to say, the news broke that Outkast will be reuniting at Coachella. This is a true gift from the writing gods because I really had no basis for arguing that Blink-182 should headline […]

Watching Multiple Seasons of ‘American Horror Story’ at Once

American Horror Story is actually pretty  good.  Co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have managed to do what horror movie directors haven’t done for at least the last decade: develop a project that puts good acting and character development first. There’s plenty of “jumpy” moments involved, but the show finds its merit in being able […]


Oxford Dictionary named “selfie” the Word of the Year and I love it. Selfie, or a picture you’ve taken of yourself, was used 17,000% more than it was used last year. Among other words added this year are twerk, jorts, FOMO, and bitcoin. However, selfie rises above as most indicative of the world we live […]

Making a Case for Bitstrips (sort of)

Writing a Facebook status used to be just that. You’d write something down to share with your friends. Times have changed. Now we tag our friends in statuses by adding their @name inline or even by letting the whole world know we are quite literally “- with Steve.” The latest trend gracing our newsfeeds is […]

Fantasy Football Anger Management

Many sports fans are of the opinion that in the fall months, Sunday exists as the simultaneously best and worst day of the week. On the one hand, there’s football: beer, friends, fantasy teams, food, sloth, and watching grown men pummel the shit out of each other. On the other, it’s Sunday. It’s the day […]

Larry David Loves Basketball

Today, a brilliant picture of Larry David at Sunday’s Knicks-Spurs games made its rounds on the world wide web. In it, not only is he sporting a classic apathetic Larry David look, but he’s featured with a great supporting cast. From left to right: Nelly, Anthony Anderson, cute random girl, Justin Bartha/The Hangover‘s married man/Nicholas […]