Monthly Archives: April 2013

Behind Enemy Lines: An Away Fan’s Plight

SO I got playoff tickets to see the Warriors host the Nuggets in game 4 of their first round series last week. Normally the build up to a game like this is super exciting for any sports fan—playoff games are tighter, there’s much more on the line, and every play has that extra spark. There […]


I attended Weekend One of Coachella this year with a full understanding of what it would mean at face value. Sadly, when classifying fans of live music, there seems to be a consensus now that only two types exist: those who go to Coachella, and those who don’t (feel free to replace “Coachella” with any […]

The Dark Side of Instagram

We all use instagram to stay up to date with our friend’s meals, cats and obnoxiously frequent bike rides across the golden gate bridge. It’s easy to whine at your peers for posting two photos of their super cool new Beats by Dre because the different angles really highlight their modern design. I find that the […]

Rubbing SXSW elbows with the stars

Southby is all about the secret shows. While it’s cool to check out new bands and catch big performers at the biggest stages, everyone’s real goal is to somehow find the underground, cocaine-fueled after party filled with spec scripts and celebrities from the AMC channel. I unfortunately did not find this hedonistic Texas playground, but […]

Mad About Being Mad About Mad Men

The other day I read a fantastic article by Andy Greenwald of Grantland about what complexities and secrecy have made Mad Men (in his opinion) the best show on television. Now, I’m a huge fan of television, much like Greenwald himself—but I used to pay little attention to what the internet said about the shows […]