Monthly Archives: February 2014

Oops, I Accidentally Respect Matthew McConaughey As An Actor

I didn’t mean for it to happen, it just did. He’s always been appealing in the most vapid sense of the word. Any man is appealing if he has dimples, and a healthy tan, and that defined group of V-shaped muscles that sits on one’s pelvis. (Is there a name for that? I’ve always just […]

Jimmy Fallon: Musical Comedian or Comic Musician?

The above video is from a Counting Crows show in 1999. Sometime during the performance, a young Jimmy Fallon was called on stage to perform some parodies of famous 90s bands centered on a very 90s object, the troll doll. If the combination of this doll and the bands that were famous in 1999 makes […]

You Probably Loved Harold Ramis Without Even Knowing It

Upon news of Harold Ramis’ death, the loudest cries of mourning were of his big achievements, Caddyshack, National Lampoon’s Vacation, and Ghostbusters to name a few. But if you weren’t particularly in tune with 1980s comedies, the name probably didn’t ring a bell upon first mention. Ramis didn’t fade out after the early 90s, though. […]

Venmo and the Tech-Traditionalism Struggle

I was dubious about Venmo when my friends started using it several months ago, but because FOMO is a real thing, I ended up downloading it. If you don’t know, Venmo is an app that easily lets you send and receive payments amongst your friends. Because I’ve grown to appreciate Venmo for the small part […]

Predicting Your Impending House of Cards Season 2 Binge

This Friday, which happens to be Valentine’s Day, Netflix will push all 13 Season 2 House of Cards episodes to its servers. As with all V-Days, this timing is either awesome or frustrating depending on your relationship status. Furthermore, due to this give-them-everything model of release, the collective pop culture conversation surrounding Frank Underwood’s rowing […]

All the Things We Love to Hate about Downton Abbey

There are plenty of intellectual reasons to watch Downton Abbey. The period costumes are breathtaking, the dynamic between classes is intriguing, your girlfriend is making you, and it’s an intimate look at all the working cogs at the estate of an Earl during the social and economic shift occurring in 1920s Europe. And none of […]

A hockey fan answers olympic questions from a non hockey fan

On the eve of the first Men’s Olympic Hockey game, avid hockey fan, Andy Verderosa, answers questions from Aaron Weiss, someone who doesn’t really know hockey all that well but wants to engage in a once-every-four-years patriotic event. Aaron: Are there any teams to care about besides the US, Canada and Russia? Andy: Oh, you betcha. Sweden took home […]