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KiD CuDi: Mr. Rager Becomes Mr. Sleeping Pill

KiD CuDi has been on a pursuit of happiness his entire career, and maybe most of his entire 30-year-old life. Perhaps someone who’s followed him and set memories to his music, like myself, would even say that his darkest hours painted some of his most vibrant tracks. Presumably, most normal people would agree that it’s […]

The F.U. Effect

You don’t have to know too much about football to know Terrell Owns (T.O.). His controversial career has made him quite the media tool.  Before Carl’s Jr. grabbed him to promote their new heart-slowing Philly Cheesesteak Burger, my last memory of T.O was seeing him sobbing on some reality show. He’s well traveled, having played […]

Prime Air and the ‘Bird S***’ Dilemma

When I first heard about Amazon’s unveiling of “Prime Air” over the weekend, an awkward high school memory soon resurfaced. Let’s just say I was standing out at lunch one afternoon and somewhere above me there was a seagull who had apparently already eaten his. The gist: Prime Air delivery service aims to have packages […]

Watching Multiple Seasons of ‘American Horror Story’ at Once

American Horror Story is actually pretty  good.  Co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have managed to do what horror movie directors haven’t done for at least the last decade: develop a project that puts good acting and character development first. There’s plenty of “jumpy” moments involved, but the show finds its merit in being able […]


If you didn’t know it was thing, well it certainly is. If you thought you were the only person who noticed it, here’s both National Geographic  and the Huffington Post proving an already existing conversation. People use the word “literally” a lot. From the sorority girl, to the dude who hates his boss, to 5 seconds […]

4 ways to interpret LeBron’s “I got better”

I’m not a LeBron James fan, but I’m a basketball fan, meaning that my first statement will never be completely true. With 4 league MVP awards and 2 NBA championships, he’s proven to be a winner. It’s a likeable human trait, sportsman or not, but especially both. LeBron is currently sitting on top of the […]

Review: ‘Nothing was the same’ and for good reason

The story begins with distortion. A rewinding vocal sample sets a different tone than Drake’s usual piano intro, walking backwards through two year’s worth of laughable outfits and a relatively quiet music presence right up to the fading vocals of Take Care outro track, “The Ride”.  The stark sample leads into a coarse-grained instrumental, and […]