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Somehow, the Man Vs. Robot Ping Pong Video Totally Sucks

Just over a month ago, KUKA Robotics released a cinematic trailer for an upcoming video project. The teaser for The Duel featured world-class Ping Ponger Timo Boll preparing for a match against a giant orange robotic arm capable of handling a paddle and ball with the same grace as the pros. The trailer promised not […]

Spritz will Change the World Forever

Spritz is a new technology that allows you to read faster. Up to four times as fast as you used to be able to. According to this Yahoo answer, the average human reads at about 250 WPM (words per minute). Spritz says most people read at 220 and that through their Rapid Serial Visualization Technology […]

No Data, No Problem

“I’m not trying to start shit,” a fellow party guest says to me after I reveal that I’ve turned off my cellular data for the last 16 days, “but I have an unlimited data plan and I love it.” On February 7th 2014 I went into my iPhone settings and turned off cellular data. I […]

Collab Piece: What will be the Biggest Difference Between 2013 and 2014?

In 2013, we witnessed the resurrection of Yeezus, the election of a new and cooler Pope, and Miley Cyrus becoming a woman. Six weeks into 2014, we’ve started to get a feel for what we can expect from the year to come. How will this rotation around the sun differ from the last on a […]

2013’s 3 Most Life Changing Apps

We’ve been using our phones to seamlessly network with digital information and content for what seems like ages. A big development this past year has been our tiny handheld computers helping us accomplish increasingly tangible tasks. Now the capability to instantly find a restaurant, a ride there, and even a date to bring rests permanently […]

You will see one or more of these movies this December

When the holidays roll around at the end of every year we kick them off by eating the bird we don’t usually eat, gathering in crowds to buy things for slightly lower prices at inconvenient times, and most importantly, taking in the sights and sounds of popular culture at our local movie theaters. While the […]

Making a Case for Bitstrips (sort of)

Writing a Facebook status used to be just that. You’d write something down to share with your friends. Times have changed. Now we tag our friends in statuses by adding their @name inline or even by letting the whole world know we are quite literally “- with Steve.” The latest trend gracing our newsfeeds is […]