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Ranking Bill and Jalen’s NBA Rankings

The highlight of this NBA preseason wasn’t an amazing dunk against a complacent starter too lazy to play defense when the game doesn’t even count. It wasn’t an incredible 4th quarter performance by the Cleveland Cavalier’s surprise #1 overall pick, Anthony Bennett. The best part of the preseason and entire month of October was Bill […]

Top-7 NBA Knuckleheads (and Honorable Mentions)

The NBA season is finally upon us! This season promises to be one of the best we’ve had in years. All of our young stars have finally matured into the league’s pantheon of elite players, LeBron’s Decision is 3 NBA Finals appearances, 2 MVP’s and 2 rings deep, and Juwan Howard is STILL getting a […]

Weekend Box Office Round-Up, 10/28

Here’s the box office round-up for the weekend of 10/25-10/27. JACKASS PRESENTS: BAD GRANDPA opened to 32.1 million (avg. 9,537).  It performed like Jackass Number Two which opened to 29.0 million in 2006. I’ve never been a major Johnny Knoxville fan but clearly there are tons of them out there. The thought of having someone […]

A Confederation of Kanyes

There are countless ways to talk about Kanye West in 2013. There’s egoism, the bravado, the fashion. You can talk about the music, the “rants” or Kim Kardashian. Kanye isn’t a sentence, he’s a conversation. But no matter how the conversation starts, whether it be Kim, Taylor or Jimmy, it will ultimately turn to race. […]

Peyton Manning is My Father

Peyton Manning is my father. Now, I don’t mean like, my biological dad, or anything—I have one of those, and he’s a great man. I love him to death. My mother too, for that matter. Peyton and I have something different though. In some ways, it’s deeper than the strong bond I have with my […]

Weekend Box Office Round-Up, 10/21

*Budget dollars set in millions Here’s the Box Office Round-Up for the weekend of 10/18-10/20: GRAVITY was the #1 movie for the third weekend in a row, and it fell a small 31% to $30 million.  This brings its seventeen day total to $169.5. Seemingly, this movie has broken into the “You-Have-To-See-This-Immediately-Or-People-Will-Make-Fun-Of-You-At-Work” pantheon. Not too […]

Pondering the Trailer for Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

Today the first trailer for Wes Anderson’s new film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, was released. Based on its content, the three words best suited to describe what Anderson’s latest is likely to be are “playful,” “precise,” and “peculiar.” In what should come as no coincidence, these are also the best words to describe Wes Anderson […]