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Foster the People’s New Album is Actually a 20-Something Self-Help Book

Foster the People’s new album, Supermodel, was released two days ago. It’s their sophomore effort, coming three years after their debut Torches took them from indie sweethearts to overplayed rock stars in about the span of a month during the summer of 2011. That naturally puts a lot of pressure on this album to be […]

Smiling Through Sadness With Wes Anderson

In a few words, Wes Anderson’s eighth and most recent film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, is funny, beautiful, quick, clever, star-studded, and strange. It’s the same description easily applied to any of his previous works, and also the standard veil for a strong undertone of sadness Anderson places at the center of the film. Following […]

Hey Arnold! Still Informs Every Day of My 23 Year Old Life

When I was in the 4th grade, I was just like any other nine year old: naïve, curious, and impressionable. In other words, I was stupid. Sure, I could solve fractions. Sure, I could write in cursive. But outside of home, school, and the extra-curricular activities my parents forced me into, there wasn’t much of […]

Jimmy Fallon: Musical Comedian or Comic Musician?

The above video is from a Counting Crows show in 1999. Sometime during the performance, a young Jimmy Fallon was called on stage to perform some parodies of famous 90s bands centered on a very 90s object, the troll doll. If the combination of this doll and the bands that were famous in 1999 makes […]

Predicting Your Impending House of Cards Season 2 Binge

This Friday, which happens to be Valentine’s Day, Netflix will push all 13 Season 2 House of Cards episodes to its servers. As with all V-Days, this timing is either awesome or frustrating depending on your relationship status. Furthermore, due to this give-them-everything model of release, the collective pop culture conversation surrounding Frank Underwood’s rowing […]

Forget Using Memory, You Have Reminder Apps

If you’re bad at remembering things, whether that’s birthdays, deadlines, names, and so on, you’re lucky to live in a time where that shortcoming doesn’t even matter. Every mobile device these days has an extra memory repository you can use to your advantage, and it comes in a very simple form: the reminder app. It’s […]


Yesterday, the trailer for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones was released. Because it’s really fun to imagine GOT characters out of their medieval fantasy context, I decided to host a dinner party and invited some of my favorite inhabitants of the Known World. The following are snippets from said dinner party, drawn word-for-word […]