Monthly Archives: March 2013

We’re All in Agreement: This is the Best Time of the Year

It’s March 28th.  The weather is getting warmer, girls are replacing their vibrant pants with under-butt-revealing shorts, guys are rolling up their respective shorts another cuff’s length, and everyone, well everyone’s just in a better mood. Let’s examine a few important genres of this American life and pinpoint the reasons why: Sports March Madness is well underway […]

5 Reasons to upgrade to Snapchat Premium

I haven’t been a very big fan of Twitter and Facebook these days. I don’t find the daily passings of my life to be interesting or relevant in 140 characters or less and in all seriousness liking Facebook just isn’t cool anymore. The new media/app/concept that has gripped me is Snapchat. Founded by some fraternity […]

The six hottest fake SXSW start-ups

WHILE THERE ARE a ton of free SXSW parties, panels, and potential Twitter followers in Austin this week, you’re pretty much wasting your time if you aren’t pushing your new start-up. Sixth Street is a cesspool of early-adopters and venture capitalists ready with the Wells Fargo app running in the background if an opportunity arises. […]

Why Guys Can Relate to Girls. The Show.

This season of Girls tested the limits of its viewership in a way no series before it has done. Lena Dunham placed her characters in strange, cringe-worthy, and straight up outrageous situations, then no doubt watched closely to see how we’d react. Jessa built off of her immature and premature marriage by unsurprisingly becoming a […]

Indie Shows: A User’s Manual

So last weekend I went to two pretty low-key, awesome live shows. Friday night I saw Starfucker/STRFKR, and Saturday night I saw YACHT/Y△CHT. Arguably, the fact that there are multiple ways to refer to each band is enough to classify them as “indie”—but that’s actually not what I want to discuss. There’s a larger problem […]

Marissa Mayer Misrepresents Me

Ever since she signed on with Yahoo! in an attempt to right the ship, Marissa Mayer has been making splash headlines all over the most relevant digital business blogs. Most of these stories have had little importance to me. Yahoo! employees are getting iPhones? Don’t care. The new Y! homepage is revolutionary and groundbreaking/broken and […]

And make sure to follow us on Twitter

There is a lot of yelling noises going on about Twitter hacking, but one question is yet to be answered: why the fuck are you following Burger King on Twitter in the first place? Are there a bunch of Junior Whopper deals I’m missing on the regular?  Is “The King” tweeting hyper-topical jokes with Rob […]