Monthly Archives: July 2013

Michael Cera is My Spirit Animal

I personally identify with Michael Cera. As the skinny awkward guy in my group of friends in high school (and now), I saw a lot of myself in his portrayal of a graduating senior struggling with the transition from high school to college in Superbad. Especially because I was a graduating senior struggling with the […]

Jay drops the mic, hyphen

This is funny. Jay-Z dropped the hyphen in his name yesterday, and will now go by Jay Z. I do not know the cause for this sudden change and can only speculate as to which expensive designer influenced Jay’s change of heart. I’m not sure how many people really knew or thought about that lingering […]

A Heartfelt Letter to lol

Dear lol, It’s been a tumultuous decade. At the height of the AIM era (AOL Instant Messenger—but of course you already know that, you crafty bastard), we were best friends. Something in one of the many conversations with my 13-year-old friends was funny? Lol. Stupid? Lol. Heartbreaking? Lol. Then came along the hahas and hehes […]

Horrible Sequels to Great Films

A lot of work goes into making a quality film. Writing a script, production, casting, shooting, editing, etc. A lot of moving parts have to spin just right in order to get a result that’s commercially and critically praised. So it’s a damn shame when all the effort that gets put into a great movie […]

Acronyms of Reddit

Everyone pretends that Reddit is some secret group that no one else is a part of. When you realize someone you know in real life is on Reddit as well you can share your own special fist bump or idiotic comment about a narwhal baconing at midnight with giddy excitement. The site garnered over 2 […]


I mean, wow. Just wow. It remains to be seen how good a film this ends up being, but whoever was given the task of editing together this trailer should get a raise. For anyone that’s seen Drive, you know what to expect from Only God Forgives: gorgeous cinematography, stone-faced Ryan Gosling, and undeniable style from […]