Monthly Archives: December 2013

2013’s 3 Most Life Changing Apps

We’ve been using our phones to seamlessly network with digital information and content for what seems like ages. A big development this past year has been our tiny handheld computers helping us accomplish increasingly tangible tasks. Now the capability to instantly find a restaurant, a ride there, and even a date to bring rests permanently […]

2013: The Year of Netflix

In the past year, a lot has been made of the rise of Netflix due to its quality original content and potential to change the TV landscape. When the company released all 13 episodes of House of Cards at once in February, many viewers were unsure of what to do. 13 episodes of a brand […]

We Are Advertising

In a recent Moto X commercial, Kanye West’s “Black Skinheads” plays in the background as a sleek and sexy new smartphone flashes across the screen, changing colors and flaunting the customization possibilities available to those who purchase the new Motorola (aka Google) device. Initially, it feels a little strange that Kanye would license one of […]

Prime Air and the ‘Bird S***’ Dilemma

When I first heard about Amazon’s unveiling of “Prime Air” over the weekend, an awkward high school memory soon resurfaced. Let’s just say I was standing out at lunch one afternoon and somewhere above me there was a seagull who had apparently already eaten his. The gist: Prime Air delivery service aims to have packages […]

You will see one or more of these movies this December

When the holidays roll around at the end of every year we kick them off by eating the bird we don’t usually eat, gathering in crowds to buy things for slightly lower prices at inconvenient times, and most importantly, taking in the sights and sounds of popular culture at our local movie theaters. While the […]

Katniss Everdeen Sucks and Why “Catching Fire” Was Better Than the Book

Sorry for the sensationalist title, I should have said, “I think Katniss Everdeen is okay.” If you haven’t seen Catching Fire, the second installment of the Hunger Games franchise, here is everything you need to know about the movie: It’s a dystopian world of twelve districts that serve the Capitol, the center of power in […]