Monthly Archives: May 2013

Capital Cities and the 2013 Summer Jam

We’re all really going to hate “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities come August. The single from this LA-based duo is actually two years old, but you know how these things happen — the song is quickly gaining momentum and has become a staple on alt-rock radio stations across the country.  The song is catchy […]

Three things you should’ve done with the hour you didn’t spend watching Game of Thrones last week

As any sensible person would be, I was outraged when I found out there would be no Game of Thrones last week. After promptly punching out the nearest window, I looked at my bloodied hand and realized I might find some other way to occupy the time I would have otherwise spent chillin with cha […]

TV Nostalgia Hits a High

With just a few days remaining before the release of 15 brand new Arrested Development episodes on Netflix, the hype built up over the last year is raising into a crescendo. All fans of the show—whether they watched the series when it first aired, binged on its DVD/Netflix availability long after, or both—fully appreciate how […]

Logan Couture: Prodigal Son of Bay Area Hockey, Maybe

Joe Thornton is an exemplary hockey player.  He’s got everything; size, grit, vision, beard and soft hands. Since Jumbo Joe arrived in San Jose, the Sharks have been on the short list of Stanley Cup contenders. Along with Thornton, Patrick Marleau and Dan Boyle have rounded out a very solid half-decade of hockey in the […]

Cult Classics 101

Each year, hundreds of movies hit theaters and pretty much just get classified as good or bad—thanks in part to Rotten Tomatoes’s Tomatometer, word of mouth, and people’s general willingness to only see black and white, but never the gray area in between. Clearly, that’s a mistake. In the gray area between good and bad […]

Finding Tinderella

Tinder is full of women. Tinder is an app that presents its users with a virtual stack of photos of potential suitors and bachelorettes. Accompanying each photo/profile is an area to write a paragraph about yourself and also lists of your shared Facebook Likes and mutual friends, but mostly Tinder is about judging people based […]

Surrendering to Spotify

Last Sunday I was in a good mood, a really good mood.  A mood good enough to purchase something stupid.  When the Urban Outfitters ‘sale’ section proved underwhelming I took out my CC and bought the next most illogical thing: Spotify Premium. I fought the free version of Spotify for a while. I wasn’t ready […]