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Oscar Talk: Who Won, Who Lost, Who Was Probably On Blow

Won Christoph Waltz Fluent in German, English, and French. Wins a second oscar for playing essentially the same clever-bastard role he did in Inglorious Basterds (less Nazi this time, granted) over Tommy Lee Jones, Alan Arkin, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Robert De Niro. How can I get a dinner reservation with that crew. Shit. Ang […]


Many of us have been in a decade-long, love-hate relationship with lol. At the height of the AIM era, we threw it around at everything. Funny? lol. Stupid? lol. Heartbreaking? lol. Then different camps popped up either in feverish support or staunch opposition of lol. Haha jumped into the field as a worthy competitor and […]

The most elusive Icelandic indie song on the internet

Here’s the trailer for a 2010 film called “The Exploding Girl.” It looks like a good movie but I never saw it. I heard it was aight.  Zoe Kazan is a fox, I think. Like any warm blooded internet user, I immediately searched for the song in the trailer.  It’s excellent and I needed it […]

Why I decided not to make a Harlem Shake video

By: Aaron Weiss I had taken all the necessary steps. I had swung through my brothers apartment to get a motorcycle helmet to wear while I danced. I had the drive to go out and actually produce a video. I had a camera that wasn’t an iPhone.  However, when Saturday morning rolled around, I did […]

21st Century forms of expression

I think we all know Etsy is the best place to get your anti-establishment girlfriend Valentine’s gifts.  Especially long-distance girlfriends.  But did you know that Etsy is also the best place for all twitter-related screen printing? And they say guys are hard to shop for? In all seriousness how different is the act of wearing this […]

Fade in

Thelma was launched on Feb. 10th, 2013 on a google hang out in San Francisco and Austin.  Or perhaps it was launched in September, 2008 in a dorm room in Davis, California.  Whatever the case, we hope to bring thought-provoking, insightful, and to-the-point writing to IP addresses across the net.