When I was in the 4th grade, I was just like any other nine year old: naïve, curious, and impressionable. In other words, I was stupid. Sure, I could solve fractions. Sure, I could write in cursive. But outside of home, school, and the extra-curricular activities my parents forced me into, there wasn’t much of […]

Spritz is a new technology that allows you to read faster. Up to four times as fast as you used to be able to. According to this Yahoo answer, the average human reads at about 250 WPM (words per minute). Spritz says most people read at 220 and that through their Rapid Serial Visualization Technology […]

“I’m not trying to start shit,” a fellow party guest says to me after I reveal that I’ve turned off my cellular data for the last 16 days, “but I have an unlimited data plan and I love it.” On February 7th 2014 I went into my iPhone settings and turned off cellular data. I […]

KiD CuDi has been on a pursuit of happiness his entire career, and maybe most of his entire 30-year-old life. Perhaps someone who’s followed him and set memories to his music, like myself, would even say that his darkest hours painted some of his most vibrant tracks. Presumably, most normal people would agree that it’s […]

Anyone who watched the Oscars last night knows that it was a relative hit. In fact, it was the most viewed Academy Awards show since 2005. How did Ellen Degeneres pull off such success? By sticking to her tried and true formula. Here’s a list of ways Ellen made the Oscars a big, fancy version […]

I didn’t mean for it to happen, it just did. He’s always been appealing in the most vapid sense of the word. Any man is appealing if he has dimples, and a healthy tan, and that defined group of V-shaped muscles that sits on one’s pelvis. (Is there a name for that? I’ve always just […]

The above video is from a Counting Crows show in 1999. Sometime during the performance, a young Jimmy Fallon was called on stage to perform some parodies of famous 90s bands centered on a very 90s object, the troll doll. If the combination of this doll and the bands that were famous in 1999 makes […]