We’re All in Agreement: This is the Best Time of the Year

It’s March 28th.  The weather is getting warmer, girls are replacing their vibrant pants with under-butt-revealing shorts, guys are rolling up their respective shorts another cuff’s length, and everyone, well everyone’s just in a better mood. Let’s examine a few important genres of this American life and pinpoint the reasons why:


March Madness is well underway and, as usual, there have been some heart-warming/heart-wrenching upsets. At last count, 5 million 17 year olds around the country sent in late applications to FGCU while you were reading this sentence.

But that’s just the beginning. Next week we’ll welcome back baseball with open arms and bags of peanuts. NBA action is heating up as we near the playoffs. The NHL, whose season definitely feels like it just started, will also kick off its playoffs next month. Tiger Woods is #1 in golf again. Even the NFL, an overcompensating headline-snatching machine all offseason long, is at least producing stories both compelling and strange. From now until mid-June, we almost have too much to talk about in the sports world.


We made it, guys. We’re in a political media trough right now, and it’s fantastic. Don’t get me wrong—I love political satire just as much as any obligatorily left-wing young person, but after an election year followed immediately by Kevin Spacey murdering dogs in D.C, a quieter time in politics is most welcomed. Maybe something will actually get done this time. Yes I realize how pretentious that last sentence sounds.




We were lucky that shows like Girls and House of Cards kicked the wintertime TV schedule up a notch, but now it’s time for TV’s best to take the spotlight again. I’m talking (in ascending order) the Game of Thrones’s, Mad Mens, and Breaking Bads of the world. If you’re behind on any of these, make sure to dedicate serious time to catching up so you can appreciate the beginning of the end of TV’s Golden Age with your fellow compatriots.


January and February are typically reserved for your Mark Wahlberg throwaways and shitty Valentine’s day movies, respectively. Which is totally fine—the 2-3 months after a packed Oscar season are meant to be a lull. Now, using two James Franco movies as stepping stones, we’re about to jump into “summer” movie season—Iron Man 3 is right around the corner, followed by Star Trek, Man of Steel, and lesser, more regrettable, yet still entertaining $13 pitfalls.


Samsung just announced its newest phone, the Galaxy S4. Which means the rumor mill for a new iPhone is due to kick up like six notches. Which means competition is heating up. Which means somebody needs to step in and innovate. Google Glass anyone?


Festival season is nearly upon us. Raver chicks and über-bros can rejoice—Coachella is a mere two weeks away, and will be followed up by plenty more 3-4 day music overloads—Sasquatch, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Outside Lands, and Austin City Limits just to name a few. Festival haters can benefit from all this by watching the live-streams on YouTube in secret and going to the attending bands’ individual concerts surrounding these events.


People wear fewer clothes. What’s not to like?

In Summary

Because the moment before something great happens is even better than something great itself, make sure to appreciate today, March 28th. Savor the moment-before-the-moment, it’s happening right now.

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